FK Aluminium Jug - Red

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฿10,990.00 THB

The Fink Water Jug was born into modest circumstances in 1993, commissioned as a limited release for an elegant restaurant in Canberra, Australia.

25 years on, the Fink Water Jug is critically acknowledged as an Australian design icon. It combines great design aesthetic with industry proven functionality. Fink believes that function is integral to a good design concept and as such, the jug is also a delight to use.

As a testament to its robust utility, the Fink Water Jug is found in, and survives the rigours of, some of the finest restaurants in the world. It is also featured in Museums and Galleries, and sold in leading design stores such as MoMA in New York.

Australian design icon, robust performer and international traveller, the Fink Water Jug remains a flagship product.

Designer: Robert Foster. Material: Anodized Aluminium.

Hand crafted in Canberra, Australia.