22DS Merge Cardholder Tray - Original

SKU: 10140


฿2,590.00 THB

Whether displaying name cards or holding writing utensils and other workspace items, 22’s Cardholder is a refined addition to your desktop. The back is a solid cross-section of a cylinder, giving Cardholder its weight while the semi-hollowed cross-section in front creates a space for your most precious items.

Available in blue or original (grey).

Care Instructions:

Although 22 use highly reinforced concrete, chipping is possible when the product makes contact with certain hard surfaces.

Since concrete is a composite material, each product will be slightly different in terms of colour and texture. Over time, concrete products may also become darker as they interact with moisture and air.

Concrete accessories do not require any special maintenance. Large items that require dusting should be cleaned with fiber cloth. Stainless steel components may be cleaned with polishing solutions. However, you should ensure that these solutions are not used on concrete components.