IP SUN Glacier Khaki Green Black Sshields Wh MIR Lens Cat4 +0.00

SKU: 11341


฿2,800.00 THB

IZIPIZI - Everyday glasses that put a smile on your face. Colourful collections, no limit to your taste! Classics reinvented, designed to fit, for the screens, the sun, and just for fun. All made easy, for you, me, everybody, it's IZIPIZI!

#SUN Glacier - Calling all mountain, board sports and fashion fans! IZIPIZI collection dedicated to the iconic Glacier model redesigns and modernises a pioneering accessory from the mid-20th century.

#SUN Glacier glasses, with their removable coated cotton side shields and category 4, 100% UV protection lenses protect your eyes from the cold, snow, and intense light found on mountain peaks.

Just as cool in town, they will become your essential sunglasses no matter where you go.

These glasses comply with international standards for sunglasses (ISO 12312-1).