BB Incense Cones 20pc - Sensor

SKU: 10218


฿1,190.00 THB

The elite dine on apricots and champagne as a general citizen inhales electrostatic sparkles long into the night. Dystopia never smelled so good.

Luminescent apricot blends with sparkling electric rhododendron leaf over a bed of palatial balmy frankincense resin. Verdant lush freshness delicately contrasts with intoxicatingly reverent incense and wood.

Scent notes: Frankincense, Apricot, Rhododendron Leaf, Cedar wood.

  • Lid can be used as burner dish
  • 20 cones per tin
  • Burning time 15 mins approx, scent lasts 2-4 hours (medium sized room)
  • Made in USA