22DS Tangram City Sculpture Set (7 pc)

SKU: 10008


฿7,990.00 THB

Call it urban planning or Feng Shui on a small scale; call them sculptures, or a game...they can be considered many things, and we call them the Tangram City Sculptures. Created out of our appreciation for contemporary architecture and urban environments, this set of sculptures is loosely based off the shapes from the classic Chinese tangram puzzles. While the original tangram puzzles are rearranged to create different recognizable forms, the Tangram City Sculptures invite the viewer to envision and create a miniature cityscape. The profoundness of this seemingly simple product dawns on the viewer as they quickly realize the thousands of variations possible and ponder the would-be effects on a city's atmosphere.

The set includes seven unique concrete sculptures: an office building, apartment building, house, museum, park, warehouse and a factory.

Presented in a gift box.